29th ICFoST at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

About 29th ICFoST

Innovative Smart and Safe Solutions for agro- and marine food processing to achieve Sustainable nutritional Security or “5 s

The Sustainable Development Goal: Ending Hunger and Achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition underlines the food security and nutritional security as two important complementing elements of our sustainable future. India, despite a high level of food production, faces the problem of malnutrition. To ensure food and nutritional security of 10 billion people globally and 1.64 billion people in India in 2050, we need to find sustainable solutions to achieve higher agriculture productivity, improved nutrition, and efficient food processing systems to minimise the wastage and maximise the value, availability and reach of safe and nutritious food.

India has vast marine resources in the form of coastline over 7500km and the marine food resources form an important component of the 'Blue Economy'.  The marine food resources, can effectively supplement the land based food resources to overcome the challenges of food and nutritional security.  However, the need is to develop sustainable approaches to ensure that both the land and the marine food resources are preserved and continually rejuvenated.   The solutions for sustainable food and nutritional security can be developed using smart and safe technologies in agro- and marine food processing research. We need novel and smart applications of science, technology and innovation across the food system addressing all dimensions of food and nutritional security without compromising food safety to achieve sustainable development goals including eradication of hunger and poverty, clean water, sustainable land use, responsible production and consumption, mitigating climate change and sustainable life on land.

Food scientists need to work together with agriculturists, nutritionists, civil society and governments to develop an integrative approach to feed a growing population sustainably. Current attention on food sustainability mainly concentrates on production, agriculture and on nutrition, health and well-being. Food processing, is an important link between production and consumption within the food value chain. Integration along the food value chain is required to secure a systems approach for the agricultural food chain. This may include digital transformation and development of a “precision” food chain; expansion of inter- and intra-disciplinary food research and development, involvement of multiple stakeholders from agriculture, nutrition, trade, government and consumer organizations; climate-resilient and compatible agricultural practices and crop diversification.  Innovative capabilities are critical not only for ensuring nutritious food at all times, but also for harnessing agriculture and the broader food system as a driver of economic and sustainable development. The convergence of a number of emerging technologies, such as synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, tissue engineering, drones and robotics, may have profound impacts on the future of food production, food and nutritional security.

About Logo

The logo for 29th ICFoST, represents the theme '5S' which stands for the terms Smart, Safe, Solutions, Sustainability and Security. The main part of the logo is shaped as an 'S' to reflect the theme. And also, the letter 'S' in the word ICFoST is combined with the number '5' to highlight '5S'. The Agro and Marine Food Processing Sectors are represented with the help of fish and wheat icons. The blue colour represents smart and safe solutions, and green colour represents sustainable technologies in these fields. The merging of both the colours in the logo, represents the dynamic interconnection between them and their role in ensuring sustainability and food security.  A torch is given to represent the power of scientific knowledge and innovations in laying a path towards the bright future of the Indian agricultural & food sector. The flame represents the role played by AFSTI in enlightening and inspiring the scientific community, students, and various stakeholders through insightful programs like ICFoST.

29th ICFoST Venue: The Al Saj Convention Centre, NH.47 Kazhakoottam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, INDIA.